Potmix Asphalt Release is an asphalt release agent used on surfaces of machinery and equipment that are in contact with bituminous materials. The product is made of unique natural fat derivatives and surfactants, and is fully biodegradable. It does not break down bitumen as diesel and RMEs do and it contains no VOCs. Unlike other products, Asphalt Release has no flash point, making it a safe choice in hot working areas. The liquid is coloured light blue to visually aid application of product.

The product is delivered in 300 ml spray can, 5 l and 25 l container, 208 l barrel, and 1000 l IBC.

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Product Sheet:

Varublad – Svenska

Produktblad – Dansk

Product sheet – English

Safety Data Sheet:

Säkerhetsdatablad – Svenska

Säkerhetsdatablad (spray) – Svenska

MSDS – English