The Asphalt Primer is a bonding agent to maximise bonding of Potmix asphalts to repair surfaces. The product works best on smooth surface areas where extra grip is needed to minimise the risk of the repair coming loose or tarmac breaking off. The Primer is applied to a cleaned surface, let rest 10-20 minutes for optimal result, and covered with the Potmix asphalt.

Our Primer is delivered in 200 & 600 ml aerosols, 5 l & 25 l cannister and 200 l barrel.

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Product Sheet:

Product Sheet – Swedish

Product Sheet – Danish

Product Sheet – English

Product Sheet – Finnish

Product Sheet – Norwegian

Product Sheet – Polish

Safety Data Sheet:

Safety Data Sheet – Swedish

Safety Data Sheet – Danish

Safety Data Sheet – English

Safety Data Sheet – Finnish

Safety Data Sheet – Norwegian

Safety Data Sheet – Polish